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🌸 What is Kuru Store?

Kuru Store began with the vision of bringing creativity and cuteness to the items we sell. Being obsessed with kawaii stuff and wanting to bring colors and creativity to everyone around us, our goal is to offer the coolest and most innovative yet cute gadgets on the market.

We aim on having the newest and most exciting kawaii gadgets in our shop to share joy with everyone that wants to add uniqueness and tenderness to their everyday lives!

We provide a wide variation of kawaii Asian fashion items dedicated to selling trendy and cute clothings & accessories featuring aesthetic, fairy-kei, gothic, pastel, pastel goth, lolita, cosplay, anime, larm, kpop & japanese fashions! We also offer the cutest items that are inspired from anime & the Japanese culture! These items include kawaii plushies, phone cases, stationary, dolls, home gadgets, beauty products, and anything related to the kawaii culture!

🌸 Is it safe to buy from us?

Yes, most definitely! We accept secure card payments via PayPal. We keep all your personal details safe and secure, and never pass them on to third parties. We believe in a friendly, personal and efficient approach to customer service – if you contact us you will be straight in touch with one of the team, with no automated responses! If you are still not sure, you can find reviews for us online by third parties such as TrustPilot!

Our team works day and night to add the most unique and cool products to our wide range of collections. We try our best to make these products affordable to everyone and offer FREE worldwide shipping! Our team would love to hear your opinion. Feel free to contact us if you have any question. 

Don’t forget to be part of our society to get the chance to find out the latest gossip and win kawaii gifts!

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